A New Day In Christ: How to calm stress and anxity at home, work, or relationships in twenty minutes a day

This workbook is a highly effective stress management book for Christians. In it the author (a Christian therapist who specializes in working with anxiety) teaches step-by-step Christian-based techniques that help lower stress and anxiety at home, work, or relationships in twenty minutes a day.

Product Features

  • A New Day in Christ How to Calm Stress and Anxity at Home Work or Relationships in Twenty Minutes a Day

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07. January 2018 by Ben S
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  1. Highly Recommended!

  2. Five Stars This workbook is fantastic. It offers very short, life changing messages and information. It also offers open ended, thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter. This workbook is full of wisdom. One thing that I like the most about it is that it is not overwhelming. Each chapter is short, yet impactful. It is an easy read; it is easy to follow, you can really hear the authors voice through the book. Although Jim includes information about the brain one can still understand what he is…