An Ultimate Home Workout Plan Bundle: The Very Best Collection of Exercise and Fitness Books

Are you tired of looking for the perfect home workout plan? Wouldn’t you love to lose weight fast and naturally without dieting?
Then, An Ultimate Home Workout Plan Bundle is exactly what you need for fitness independence, weight loss motivation and a variety of workout training routines.

An Ultimate Home Workout Plan Bundle is a collection of four exercise and fitness books by international best-selling author Dale L. Roberts. Get the precise information you need on exercises for weight loss without having to scour the internet for hours on end. Backed by credible resources, you can rest assured knowing you are getting safe and effective weight training programs so you can lose weight and keep it off for good.

In this workout guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why Your Body is the Best Workout Tool You’ll Ever Use: And how to use it in the best ways possible
  • The 4-Minute Speed Circuit: Boost metabolism with this fast-paced routine
  • The 30-minute Workout: Get your total body toned with this no-equipment circuit training workout
  • The 60-minutes or Less Total-Body Workout: No time? No equipment? Now you also have no excuses!
  • Over 50 Amazing Home Workouts: For when you have no desire to step outside
  • The Ideal Workouts and Exercise Routines at Home for Men AND Women
  • And, so much more!

What are you waiting for? It’s finally time for you to get the best weight training programs for weight loss today!

Quit Waiting for the Right Time and Get Your Copy NOW!

Product Features

  • An Ultimate Home Workout Plan Bundle The Very Best Collection of Exercise and Fitness Books

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  1. Great workout book for the non-beginner This is the perfect workout book if you already have a comfort level with working out, so you don’t need or want to buy a book that spends half the pages telling you why you should work out; and if you have some familiarity with exercises so you don’t need to look up each exercise. If you are looking for preplanned workouts that you can just jump into and do–this is the book for you. This book basically just launches right into the workouts with the briefest of introductions–which I really…

  2. Love this approach to exercise -belongs on everybody’s shelf This 90-Day Home Workout Plan book starts with a nice clear description of what it is and isn’t as well as what results to expect. It then explains the five components of the program -these don’t vary, but the routines in them do so you get variety in your workout which also makes this a good program to repeat. What each component does is explained as well as how long you’ll do it and at what pace. For other things relevant to a successful exercise plan like hydration, nutrition and mindset,…

  3. A must have book for any fitness/health enthusiast! As a life-long fitness/health enthusiast, and very active competitor in both cycling and running, and as an aside, a fitness author/blogger myself, I am always interested in learning something from other fitness authors. This book is rather unique in that the purchaser gets multiple books in one volume covering the whole range of fitness from weight training, cardio, core and stretching.I think the end of this book says a lot about the author and his interest in conveying the best…