Availability Of Texas Police Reports Public Records And Legal Files

The United States Census Bureau released their recent data which shows that Lone Star has an estimated population of almost 25,674,681 for the year 2011. Texas is the second most highly populated state in the United States of America. Texas has exciting locations and interesting activities to offer to its people for enjoyment, which comes to show that there, are plenty of opportunities to meet different people. The Texas government allows its people to gain access to certain files including birth certificates, death records, and Texas Police Reports Public Records among others.

Police Record is a document showing the criminal history of a certain individual. Crimes are compiled and updated on local, state and federal levels by various law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies are the local police departments, sheriff offices, and specialty police agencies. Police record or known as criminal record is widely used for various reason, like for employment, identification, getting a license, security clearance, going abroad, school and for possible criminal investigations. An individual has the right to request access to their own criminal record anytime and the request can be made formally under the privacy act.

Violent crimes including murder, attempted murder, assault, battery, rape and sexual assault, abuse, animal cruelty is being made by a person will appear in the record file. If a firearm is being used or present during the crimes scene it will be listed recorded. Other crimes like traffic crimes, property crimes, tax evasion, perjury, fraud, disorderly conduct and drugs are also listed in a criminal record. Law enforcement agencies often share information regarding the record with other similar enforcement agencies and this information is usually made available to the public.

The Texas Public Information Act is a series of laws incorporated into the Texas Governmental Code that serve to ensure the public has access to information held by the state government. The act is equivalent to the United States Freedom Act which guarantees the accessibility of information held by Federal government agencies to the public. Public information includes any information that is collected, assembled or maintained by or for a governmental entity in connection with the transaction of official business. It includes information that is maintained in paper, tape, microfilm, video, electronic data held in a computer memory, as well as other mediums specified under law.

The Texas Public Information Act allows the government agencies to charge all costs associated with making copies of public information, including the cost of materials, labor, and overhead costs. It is the attorney general of Texas who maintains an Open Records Division. They play the role of mediator and sometimes a judge in open records disputes. Information held in the custody of a private contractor doing business with the government may be considered public under the said act, if it relates to government official duties and for whom the private contractor is consulting is entitled to the information.

Getting a copy of the Police Records will cost no more than $40 but when charges exceed the requester will received a written statement of estimated charges. Most of the information can be viewed at no charge but copies will cost administrative fees. Texas allows ten working days for public records requests. Submission of requests is through mail, fax or in person according to the reasonable procedures of the agency handling such files. Complete detailed information about the request to enable the office to accurately identify and locate the information requested.

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24. October 2017 by Henry White
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