Why Cold Laser Therapy Weight Loss Is Gaining Popularity

We all know that light gives out heat. The same way that laser light uses different kinds of wavelengths, targeted wavelengths that can affect fat cells and tissues. However there is another kind of wavelength that uses low level of light that it does not burn. This is what doctors now use for cold laser therapy weight loss, a kind of laser technology that melts fat without the accompanying heat nor burning sensation!

When you read laser weight loss forums and blogs, you will come across women who have undergone cold laser liposuction and are happy with the results. Laser machines used by doctors are manufactured with proprietary brand names like Zerona or Cool Lipo. These machines are the most commonly used in plastic surgeon’s offices that offer laser liposuction.

What most doctors do is they combine these modalities of liposuction. They first use cold laser therapy and then follow it up with traditional or tumescent liposuction. The reason behind this is that one melts the fat while the other sucks and vacuums it out. Is the weight loss permanent? Are the changes worth the risks and the cost? Yes! When you love how your body looks and feels, you’ll be more aggressive in your weight loss plans!

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19. January 2014 by Adam
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