Delicious Mayonnaise Muffins Are Easy To Make

Mayonnaise muffins or biscuits are a tradition in the South. Warm biscuits are commonly served in a meal. They go well with soup, and they taste great when dipped into a sauce. You can use biscuits in sandwiches. Instead of making your child a sandwich using bread that you buy from a store, make him a couple of small sandwiches using these biscuits instead. This will add a bit of fun and variety to his lunch sack. Serve a delicious and hearty breakfast to your family with some muffins and sausage gravy. Or, simply eat one with some butter or jelly for a truly delectable experience.

These muffins are so easy to make that you can teach a little child how to do it. This is a great starter recipe for the tiny future chef in your family. Just measure out the three ingredients for him. Have him pour everything into a bowl and stir. He will be so proud of his accomplishment when he takes a bite of his delicious muffin.

Some of the more tasty things in life are among the simplest to make. Mayonnaise muffins are definitely at the top of this list.

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27. December 2013 by V K Rajagopalan
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