Dental Smart Kids Eating

Every parent knows what healthy foods for kids are, yet it’s a constant struggle to convince the kids. There are a number of reasons. For example, during a visit to a friend’s home, that Mom may offer sweet treats, which the kids interpret as something they don’t get so frequently at home. Although the friend’s Mom intends the goodie as, well, a treat, kids arrive home, telling their own Mom, “Wow, Mrs. Smith let us have a bunch of cookies! How come you don’t?” You hear the accusation in the question. Hello dentist, goodbye good teeth.

Almost every kid has a sweet tooth and would rather have a candy bar than a healthy blueberry muffin and invite a quick trip to the dentist. When kids go to school, there are sodas, chips and candy bars available in vending machines. Peer pressure is incredibly powerful. You become the odd person out, so boring and strict in your promotion of healthy eating for kids. You soon feel that your efforts are doomed to failure. Many a Mom eventually caves. Don’t you make this mistake and increase your dental bills! This only contributes to a child becoming overweight and often, a lifelong struggle with weight control, bad teeth, and a poor self image.

There are lots of ways to continue making healthy eating for kids your priority. You just need to be subtle, persuasive and consistent. You can win them over to your way of thinking. Here are some suggestions.

You know that a kid’s favorite question is, “Why?”. Although this can drive you crazy after the 100th time you hear it today, this question can be a secret weapon in your battle to develop long term patterns of healthy eating for kids, which sticks with them long after they’ve left home. Remember, poor eating habits tend to stick just as tenaciously. Here’s how to use the “Why?” to advantage.

Get an age-appropriate primer on nutrition and oral health, which gives information on the role that good nutrition plays in keeping a body and teeth healthy. When you hand your child an orange for an after school snack, chances are that you’ll hear, “Aaaw, why can’t I have a cookie instead?” You grab the book and turn to the section on vitamin C. Little kids can relate to the misery they endure with frequent colds, while teens respond to zit and skin blemish issues. The point is, you’ve given them a legitimate reason. They may still try for the cookie, but they’ll settle for the orange if they remember the last trip to the dentist office. Don’t force your program of healthy eating for kids down their throats, just subtly and gradually educate them on good nutrition and good oral health.

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