Diet 101: Why Estrogen and Weight Loss Don’t Go Hand-in-Hand

So many of us are always dieting, trying to shed a few or many pounds. However, there are also many people who not only want, but need to gain weight. There are a number of reasons you might want to pack on some pounds. You may have suffered an extended period of illness which caused you to lose an unhealthy amount of weight. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of depression accompanied by a lack of appetite, resulting in an unattractive loss of weight. Some people may simply have a high rate of metabolism. People recovering from anorexia may now want to gain weight, having dealt with the psychological issues. In any of these cases, your situation is a dieter’s dream come true. With a weight gain program, you don’t have guilt or cravings to impede your progress. Now, if dieting is particularly hard because you can’t seem to get ahead, have your hormone levels checked. Estrogen and weight loss do not go hand-in-hand. The higher the levels of estrogen, the more fat you get to store. This means there will be no weight loss.

If illness has caused your unhealthy weight condition, you’ll want to pack on the calories steadily but gradually. Your stomach has shrunk, so loading up on three big meals a day isn’t your best approach to gain weight.

Start with six small meals a day. You’re probably suffering from vitamin deficiencies due to lack of food. For breakfast, try a fruit smoothie made with whole milk, fruits and juices. For a mid-morning snack, have a granola bar of whole grains and fruit, one of the popular health food ‘power bars’, or a dish of cottage cheese. Lunch should be packed with protein. A small chef’s salad gives you a dose of veggies, topped off with a few ounces of chicken or shrimp. Mid-afternoon, snack on a whole-grain muffin or a slice of quick bread and a glass of milk. For dinner, have a small portion of lasagna and garlic bread. Meatloaf or a chicken cutlet is tasty with a little gravy. If you want to gain weight, get plenty of carbs.

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17. March 2014 by Sam Stanley
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