Energy Efficiency: Concepts and Calculations

Energy Efficiency: Concepts and Calculations is the first book of its kind to provide an applied, systems oriented description of energy intensity and efficiency in modern economies across the entire energy chain.

With emphasis on analysis, specifically energy flow analysis, lifecycle energy accounting, economic analysis, technology evaluation, and policies/strategies for adopting high energy efficiency standards, the purpose of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of concepts, tools, and methodologies for studying and modeling macro-level energy flows through and within the key economic sectors (electric power; industrial; commercial; residential; and transportation).

Providing a technical discussion of the application of common methodologies (e.g. cost-benefit analysis, life cycle assessment) each chapter contains figures intended to be diagnostic, charts, and examples from each sector, including the policies that have been put in place to promote/incentivize the adoption of energy efficient technologies.

  • Contains models and tools to analyze each stage at the macro-level by tracking energy consumption, and how the resulting data might change energy use
  • Each chapter concludes with specific accessible references and glossary of common terms
  • Includes diagnostic figures, tables, and schematics within the context of local, regional, and national energy consumption and utilization

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12. December 2017 by Ben S
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