Energy Efficiency Policy of Major Household Electrical Appliances: Nigeria, Case Study

Adoption of household energy efficient electrical appliances has a great potential to reduced electrical power consumption in Nigeria. A well formulated and implementable energy efficiency policy is needed to drive the process. To design an effective and efficient energy efficiency policy, there was a need for empirical research to look at the current energy efficiency policies and practices. In this book, the study of energy efficiency policy of major electrical appliances in the residential sector was approached using Governance Assessment Tool (GAT). The main research question is “What can be learned from the governance system of energy efficiency policies and practices that target major electrical appliances in the residential sector in Nigeria from the year 2008 to date?” The goal was to conduct an explorative study to map out the level of implementation and types of energy efficiency policies and practices; and to make recommendation for policy making. Target groups: Those researching into energy and environmental issues, energy efficiency in the built environment, energy policy and governance.

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10. November 2017 by Ben S
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