Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS): Report on Well Construction Technology – Case Studies, Research and Development Recommendations, Baseline Specs, Tools, Bits, Hammers

Electricity production from geothermal resources is currently based on the exploitation of hydrothermal reservoirs. Hydrothermal reservoirs possess three ingredients critical to present day commercial extraction of subsurface heat: high temperature, in-situ fluid and high permeability. Relative to the total subsurface heat resource available, hydrothermal resources are geographically and quantitatively limited. This report provides an assessment of well construction technology for EGS with two primary objectives: 1. Determining the ability of existing technologies to develop EGS wells. 2. Identifying critical well construction research lines and development technologies that are likely to enhance prospects for EGS viability and improve overall economics. Towards these ends, a methodology is followed in which a case study is developed to systematically and quantitatively evaluate EGS well construction technology needs. A baseline EGS well specification is first formulated. The steps, tasks and tools involved in the construction of this prospective baseline EGS well are then explicitly defined by a geothermal drilling contractor in terms of sequence, time and cost. A task and cost based analysis of the exercise is subsequently conducted to develop a deeper understanding of the key technical and economic drivers of the well construction process. Finally, future research and development recommendations are provided and ranked based on their economic and technical significance. Contents: Chapter 1 – Introduction * Chapter 2 – Well construction considerations and baseline well specification * Chapter 3 – Baseline Well Specification * Chapter 4 – Well Construction Case Study * Chapter 5 – Analysis of Well Construction Case Study * Chapter 6 – Well Construction R & D Recommendations * Chapter 7 – Conclusions

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