If You Are Experiencing Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is usually combined with panic disorder and it is the fear of having another attack along with extreme avoidance of any situation where one could have another panic attack. There would be an extreme anxiety and fear of any place where the person has had a panic attack or believes strongly that they can have another panic attack. This fear is extreme and no amount of convincing is enough for them to overcome this fear. Eventually the fear becomes generalized to include nearly everything outside of home, especially crowded locations, as these are especially prone to panic attacks.

So, if you are experiencing the panic attacks with all of the psychological and physiological indications, plus, you also have the a natural fear in the extreme, of any place that you could have these panic attacks that is generalized to the whole of out-of-doors, then you most likely have panic disorder with agoraphobia. If on the other hand you can still leave your home, and you don’t have an avoidance problem with crowded places, noisy places, or busy places, then you most likely have panic disorder without agoraphobia. Although this is a fairly easy way to diagnose your problem, it is always best to check with the medical professional who specializes in these types of disorders to be sure.

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20. January 2014 by V K Rajagopalan
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