Homegrown Garden Tools 3-Piece Ergonomic Hand Gardening Tool Set

Ready for durable hand gardening tools that will last season after season?  Now is the time to upgrade to the Homegrown Garden Tools 3-Piece Gardening Tool Set.

TRANSPLANTER – Large easy-to-read inch and centimeter marks insure you’ll set seeds and small plants to exactly the right depth.

TROWEL – Dig, transplant and turn soil with a rugged, rust-resistant aluminum blade that’s guaranteed not to bend or break.

CULTIVATOR – Loosen soil, uproot weeds and give your planting beds a tidy raked look.

Homegrown Garden Tools are used by professional and amateur gardeners in gardens large and small. You’ll feel the difference with our large, ergonomic handles that reduce hand and wrist fatigue and perfect for gardeners who have trouble holding tools with small or narrow handles. Put your tools down, no problem, the bright green color is always easy to spot and each tool has convenient hanging holes for storage.

Best of all, the Homegrown Garden Tools 3-Piece Gardening Tool Set arrives in an easy-to-open 100% recyclable box. To minimize waste, we do not use plastic clamshell packaging, plastic wraps or wire ties. Instead, our tools are individually inspected, hand polished and bagged in a cool burlap tote sack that can double as a seed bag in the garden. This set makes a truly wonderful gift and your purchase is backed by a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty along with unparalleled customer support.

So order today and soon you’ll say… The Best is Always Homegrown!

Product Features

  • Top quality, rust-resistant, one-piece aluminum TROWEL, TRANSPLANTER & CULTIVATOR.
  • Large ergonomic handles reduce hand and wrist fatigue. Perfect for gardeners who have difficulty holding gardening tools with small or narrow handles.
  • Bright green color easy to spot in garden. Reinforced handle holes convenient for storage.
  • Tools hand polished and bagged in distinctive burlap tote sack; makes a great gift.
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty.

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