JUMP at Home Grade 2: Worksheets for the JUMP Math Program

John Mighton’s JUMP program is changing the way math is taught, and his powerful math workbooks give children the tools they need to master this crucial subject. The key is a step-by-step teaching method that isolates and describes concepts so clearly that anyone can understand them: students build on their successes, becoming proficient at solving problems with confidence and enthusiasm. Now, parents and caregivers can bring the JUMP program home. These workbooks follow the current student worksheets used by JUMP tutors and classroom teachers, including: an introduction for parents and caregivers that clearly explains the thinking behind the program and provides hours of activities, worksheets carefully designed to enable children to move from one success to the next, a glossary of math terms, and a selected answer key.

Product Features

  • JUMP at Home Grade 2 Worksheets for the JUMP Math Program

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02. December 2017 by Ben S
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  1. Dollar Store Quality – Tiffany’s Price First of all, the quality of the book is pretty shabby. Within the first day it literally separated at the binding. My husband said return it, but I didn’t have the heart since my boy had already marked in it. Anyway, that is what tape is for right? The paper is newsprint which is also annoying. Pencil is hard to see, so your child needs to either use a ball point pen or crayons. Crayons are frustrating for doing more serious written math work. You can not use a marker either because it…

  2. Well scaffolded math curriculum

  3. Wow Love this program. My friend and sister-in-law have both had success with it, too. My first grader was struggling in math and we used this as a supplement to the school’s math curriculum. It is far superior to what the school is using. It builds slowly and uses a lot of repetition, which helped my daughter feel confident in her math skills. She had commented that she didn’t like math and thought she was bad at it, but she asks to do her Jump math and says it is “easy.” I also have my…