Oil and the Future of Energy: Climate Repair * Hydrogen * Nuclear Fuel * Renewable And Green Sources * Energy Efficiency

Oil and the Future of Energy brings together the most important and accessible science writing on a topic of intense public interest and concern. In addition to oil, writers cover carbon and climate change, hydrogen, nuclear power, conservation, renewable resources, transitional strategies, and visionaries in the field today.

With their impeccable reputation for top science reporting, the editors of Scientific American present influential research and thinking from the most important scientists working with these burning global issues today. This one volume is an unparalleled resource for businesspeople, investors, and individuals who care about the planet.

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18. February 2016 by Ben S
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  1. Distant solutions to very current problems -peak oil and climate change This book is an anthology. Its first major article is one by Colin Campbell and Jean LaHerrere that predicts that a decline in world oil production will begin before 2010. The other major article is one on global warming by James Hansen. The remainder of the book is a collection of articles on topics that offer solutions to these issues, such as hydrogen fuel cells, nuclear energy, or energy efficiency. Even though the title is “Oil (in very large letters) and the Future of Energy”, the vast…

  2. A great primer on energy and fuels I don’t know what the other previous 2 star reviews were complaining about. I received this book yesterday and thought it was a great book for people wanting to learn more about not only oil but other forms of fuels and alternative fuels. This book does talk about bio-fuels as well (under “bio-mass fuels”), contrary to what one reviewer said. The diagrams were great and they even had a section in color with some great computer generated graphics/diagrams. Since it’s edited by the people at…