Max Payne 3’s Total Gaming Design and Technology

Rockstar came up with certain goals in creating Max Payne 3, which included incorporating quality gaming design with a story-driven action. Perhaps in this series, everything has been fine tuned, particularly with the way Max does his targeting and shooting. The creators made sure both blended well with the way he darts and dashes off a post so as to make the movements more realistic and simply stunning.

A Unique Combination

Max Payne 3, based on its build, makes a unique combo that entails shooting on a first-person and third person viewpoint. This allows the gamers to have more precision in shooting different mobs from a far and close proximity. The main reason for incorporating the two major shooting viewpoints in one is to elicit veritable responsiveness without having to give even a little bit of unrealistic feel. In this installment, Max can twist and turn with a full range of the bad guys around him.

360 Degree Shooting

Max Payne 3 allows 360 degree shooting even if you are in a prone area. Transitions from the default shooting view into this 360 degree angle gives the game a dynamic twist in every level. It works perfectly well whether you’re in a slow-mo shooting or in a fast paced bullet showering madness.

Bullet Time

Every single bullet in Max Payne 3 happens to be physically mode in a real-time basis, which triggers a real-time animation reaction. You won’t lack the sight of bullets flying around and dodging them is left for you to be done.

Max Payne 3 combining all of these major advancements make a complete success in bringing something new to the action-adventure gun shooting floor. The game is a total must-have.

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13. August 2013 by Annick Mercier
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