Quick To Do Guide For Any Asthma Attack

As with any disease, going to your doctor for an evaluation is your first step. To make it easier for him, list down all the symptoms you are experiencing. Also write down the time and duration of each symptom. Asthma can be mistaken for allergies and vice versa. The treatments may overlap, but some are specific to the disease that’s why it’s important that you treat both.

An asthma attack treatment plan is what your doctor will give you to help you manage your disease. Asthma cannot be treated, but it can be managed. There are different types of treatments available, from steroids to inhalers. What is important is that the medication you get can effectively manage your asthma.

To be able to get a hold of it, it is critical that you know the signs and symptoms of asthma in general, and also in your case. Example is, will exposure to pollen trigger an allergic reaction that can eventually lead to an asthma attack? How about dust and pet dander? Or smoke and fumes? Knowing your triggers will help you know when to take your medication and when to call your doctor.

If an attack happens while you’re at work and in school, be calm. Let your co-workers or friends know what’s going on. Let them know also what they need to do and whom to call. This information on your asthma may help save your life.

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28. November 2013 by Adam
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