Requesting Vermont Marriage Records Now Available Online

Having that wedding ring on your finger marks the start of a new journey – a road that could last a lifetime. Indeed, it is a celebration of two souls united together. Families and friends are gathered to celebrate this very special day with music and food. Moreover, with this event, important papers need to be completed for the filing of Vermont Marriage Records.

In the State of Vermont, couples who wish to marry are required to provide the town clerk an Identification Card such as a Driver’s License or a certified copy of their birth certificates. They must also supply their mothers’ maiden names and the states where their parents were born. Also, one does not necessarily have to be a resident of Vermont to be able to get married. However, an individual need to apply for a license in the town where one of them resides.

When the couple gets the license, they take it to an officiant, an authorized person to perform the wedding, who signs and dates it and returns it to the town clerk. The town clerk would then record and file the certificate, and sends a certified copy to the Health Department. For people who were tied previously, a certified copy of their divorce decree is demanded. A simple copy of the death certificate is all that is obligatory if a person’s spouse is deceased.

On the other hand, obtaining a certificate of the union in this region can be done with a series of steps. The Department of Health or the State Archives and Records Administration handles such data. But depending on how long the marriage has taken place, for example, if it has been more than five years, you should contact the State Archives and Records Administration. Those lesser than that can be ordered from the Department of Health.

A specific fee of $10 is required to get a certified copy of this file. An application form must also be filled up and should contain the date and town of marriage, name of bride and groom and their birthdates, names of their parents. Furthermore, indicate your name, as well as your address and contact details, your relationship to the couple on the certificate and your intended use of such data.

Marriage Records are vital these days. They are useful to verify certain information on a person’s marital status. These can be used for investigative or even genealogy purposes. Tracing family members can also be done with ease through these sources. Taking into account the many ways to obtain such record, you don’t need to worry. You can access online for smoother search and choose from either free or fee-based service providers. The second one provides quality results in minutes.

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08. January 2018 by Henry White
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