3 Things that You Should Know When You Stop Smoking

Do you know what happens when you quit smoking? You will have a different outlook of what life is and value more the relationships you have. Why all this mush? Because once you stop smoking, you’ll feel younger, healthier and livelier.

From smokers who quit successfully, there are a few tips they want to share so that others can experience this new lease on life:

1. Create a stop smoking timeline diary and follow it. This way when you quit smoking, you know what to expect and not be surprised by all the things that are happening to you. Starting from your brain to the tingling sensation on your toes. This is nicotine withdrawal. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking, it can be mild or it can feel that you’re wrestling the devil.

2. You will save a lot of money. Your habit of a pack a day is a drain. Yes, you knew it was, you just made a lot of reasons to justify it. Start counting your money now, as you can give yourself a treat after a year.

3. Your co workers will love the fact that you don’t smell like smoke anymore. Remember the air freshener they spray when you come back from your smoke break. Yes, they weren’t subtle because you really smelled like cigarette smoke!

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06. December 2013 by Adam
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