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The Everything Guide to the Introvert Edge: Maximize the Advantages of Being an Introvert – At Home and At Work

Discover your introvert power!Society is finally beginning to recognize the true value of introverts–their observational skills, creativity, and strong focus. If you prefer solitary activities and intimate gatherings to lively outside stimulation, The Everything Guide to the Introvert Edge will … Continue reading

26. November 2017 by Ben S
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The Everything Guide to Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Professional, reassuring advice for coping with the disorder – at work, at home, and in your family (Everything Series)

Narcissistic Personality Disorder, often mistaken for a too-big ego or inflated self-esteem, is in actuality a severe psychological condition that ruins marriages, social relationships, work environments, and the sufferer’s own sense of self. Although perceived as self-confident and arrogant, narcissists … Continue reading

28. December 2016 by Ben S
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National Geographic Kids Everything Weather: Facts, Photos, and Fun that Will Blow You Away

Weather can be wild, freaky, and fascinating! Powerful twisters roar through homes; earthquakes shatter whole cities; hurricanes fly through towns. How does it all happen and how do we know what we do? All you need to know about weather … Continue reading

26. April 2015 by F Smoot
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The BBQ and Outdoor Grilling Cookbook: 110 Recipes for Everything from Appetizers to Desserts

It starts with a serene sizzle that sends an intoxicating aroma wafting through the air in smoky, cirrus-cloud wisps. The simple act of grilling outdoors creates a sensory magic few can resist. Steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, and vegetables transform into … Continue reading

11. June 2014 by A Foley
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A Little Bit of Everything For Dummies

Twenty years ago the very first For Dummies book, DOS For Dummies, was published. From that first printing of that first book came a series unlike anything in the publishing world, one that is global in both geography – we … Continue reading

24. November 2013 by A Foley
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