World of Warcraft Introduces The Pearl of Pandaria

At first glance you would definitely think of this article author as stupid for missing out the mistake in the title of the latest expansion “The Pearl of Pandaria” instead of “Mists of Pandaria”. Well, to play on the defensive side, the title speaks more of what the article is all about and least about the latest World of Warcraft (WoW) expansion Mists of Pandaria (MoP). So, let’s start fresh.Learn the basics and the finest leveling guides at
The Pearl of Pandaria is the title of the new World of Warcraft comics that is about to be released anytime soon by DC comics. Yes, for those avid fans of the online game, you’ll definitely dig this comic as one of the most awaited collectible edition items of WoW.
This graphic novel is a bit delayed when it comes to the story content. Why so? Well, it should have been released few years before but DC Comics has taken a rough decision in 2010. It was on September 2010 that DC Comics Wildstorm announced that they would be shutting down by December. Hence, the projects were put to hold until further notice. Eventually, they have moved all the Blizzard licenses projects to their newly planned and restricted DC comics. And The Pearl of Pandaria is one project that finally reached its fruitful debut.
The comic’s story is pretty much set up in the pre-Cataclysm era of WoW. This time is specifically described as the momentum when Deathwing is nowhere near as the potential danger but is at the end of the Northrend campaigning against the great Lick King. But then again, this is far from what the story is about.
The story is greatly in ties with the latest expansion pack: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. It even introduces the Pandarens early on so as not to shock the world on what and who the Pandarens are. The comic introduces two of its leading Pandaren characters, Li Li Stormstout and Chen Stormstout, who left the island of Pandaren and traveled across Azeroth.
Pearl of Pandaria is full of adventures being lived by an intelligent young student who has been living atop Shen-zin Su, the giant turtle. This young Pandaren has the mighty heart of an adventurer and is sick and tired of being stuck in the Pandaren island. She wants to explore the wonders of the world and would not stop until she reaches her dream. So, she decided to leave the island and go forth through the mythical lands of Azeroth in search of her famous uncle, Chen Stormstout.
The thing in question now is: will Li Li survive the perilous lands of Azeroth along with its set of villains to stop her dreams along the way? It has been revealed that few of great WoW villains making their debut in the comics are as follows: Naga sea witch, goblin alchemist and Blademaster.
As fans around the world are getting too excited in playing the latest expansion as well as trying to figure out the twists in the beta version, this comic would definitely be a breath of fresh air to relax away from the real battles of WoW without actually disengaging from the game. Be the first to get to know the deeper secrets of the Pandarens either by getting to play Mists of Pandaria or be the first reader of this graphic novel of The Pearl of Pandaria. Checkout the latest World of Warcraft guides at top wow leveling guides.

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